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My name is Raymond Walker & I’m originally from Alexandria, LA. I am a national level bodybuilder currently residing in Arlington, TX. I have a strong passion for fitness and an unquenchable thirst to become a bodybuilding champion. Through my hard and vigorous training I push the limits of my physique daily focusing on not just sheer size but “Quality Mass” at its best. My drive and determination is fueled by my faith in God as well as my inner strength to carry out his will in my life. With that being said I will continue on my path to being the best I can be and to inspire others from all walks of life.

To all my Fans and visitors…

“Welcome to my blog where fitness meets unlimited possibilities” Here you will find inspiration and valuable tools you can use to take your physique to the next level. As well as updates on my progress and information on upcoming projects I’m working on at the present and near future…

Thank you 🙂

Raymond R Walker

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