The Iron Assassin x BeAlpha AF | Chest Destruction Collab

Iron Assassin recently collab’d with some up-and-coming YT’ers.  Orlando, Carlos and Angel of  BeAlpha AF met up with Raymond at THE ORIGINAL METROFLEX GYM (of which I give a quick tour of the walls in this video) in a special effort to take out the IRON and break down muscle fibers in our chests!  You know I don’t play when it comes time to get serious.. but of course we can’t go a whole training session without a little clowning around can we 😉

I’d say the job was done… even attempted a PR on the incline bench…  Watch the vid to see how it went!

These guys worked hard and really gave it their all.  Was a real pleasure to train with them and they are welcome back anytime to attack the IRON.

You can check out more of BeAlpha AF @ their YouTube channel here: BeAlpha AF YouTube

Big shout-out to BeAlpha AF for coming down and going hard with the Iron Assassin.  Can’t wait to do it again!

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