Believe in your Dreams

When I began this journey to pursue my dream of bodybuilding; I had never thought of the challenges that I made for myself going into it. To go from a normal guy that trains at the gym to an actual competitor has truly been the most challenging task of all. Friends I am here to tell you that it’s amazing how one or some of us can be our worst critic when it comes to taking those very important steps to reaching our destiny. But a very recent trip home helped me gather my thoughts and realize just how blessed I am in so many ways. We as human beings are so focused on what we don’t have in comparison to others that we forget about God and what he has given us. When I look at this picture and think about what actually was going on in my mind at the time. It amazes me how things that were once so simple changed when I started being so self critical of myself. I know most of you think just by looking at this photo that I was on a special diet and taking loads of supplements but the truth is…I was only eating twice a day & taking in 120grams of protein a day if that!!! At the time of this photo I weighed 205lbs!!! Though I wasn’t as strong as I am today my development was very impressive using the bare minimum while my training volume was very high. I can honestly say I was over training & putting in the work without much thought of nutrition. The point I am trying to make is that if we all continue to worry about making a conscious decision to do what others are doing to be a success. What makes our journey so special and our journey to begin with? I am guilty of falling in this mindset that I for one have to have A in order to get to B because everyone else is following this plan of action. But sometimes you just gotta stick to what comes natural and what motivates you on an individual level without caring about the obstacles in order to fly.

So with that being said here is my Inspirational insight for today…

” To be great and remembered isn’t something you decide to do because thinking leads to more thinking and right when you think it’s time to take that leap of faith it’s too late because you thought”

Raymond R Walker