Response to the naysayers!!!

My dream is to become a Professional Bodybuilder & I will never brag about competition placements ;because that’s just not who I am. The other day a good friend told me that there is talk going around by others whom I don’t know ;wondering how I won my most resent competition. Something was said along the lines that they know other competitors who use chemistry & train harder than I do & that they didn’t even win. How did I do it? Now even though I’m quite ;that doesn’t mean I won’t put someone in their place!  I don’t have many friends & I don’t have enemies & that’s for a reason. I know that in order to move forward in life I have to be a man of Action if nothing else! Don’t judge me by the standards of what others can do & can’t do under certain circumstances. I don’t have time to say I train this way or that way to justify my results. Because to be totally honest I don’t eat 6 meals a day! I don’t have a specific coach that helps me prep! I don’t have a posing coach that I work with for countless hours on in leading up to a competition! I can go on all day about how the odds are stacked up against me based on the advantages that others seem to have! But what I do have is a God & real people who believe in me even at times I want to give up! I challenge anyone to walk a day in my shoes ;without being blessed!!!