Proper Workout Form

Many of you were invited by a friend to join a gym; some of you found inspiration through others in the fitness community. I believe we all lift for different reasons but at the end of the day we can all come in agreement that we want to become a stronger version of ourselves. Which is why I want to help all of you achieve a new level of mental & physical development. I get a lot of props on my training videos for never compromising good form while I lift heavy weight. This didn’t happen until I asked myself this question:

Am I MOVING weight  or am I CONTRACTING? 

There is more than one way to move a weight from Point A to Point B! Naturally our bodies have been designed by God to recruit other areas of muscle fiber in order to compensate for imbalances or fatigue. To target a specific muscle group you have to train it efficiently & the only way to do that is through your ability to recognize when your form is being compromised. So when you lift I want you to be in the moment even if that means


If your using momentum to assist in a movement & you’re  in the middle of your 3rd Set…

Drop the weight & continue! Swinging & Bouncing Equals NO GAINS!!! I recommend to all my clients to drop the weight & continue until they finish hitting all their repetitions per given set. In my own words…

“Never Compromise good form to lift Heavy Weight;If you’re going to lift Heavy look good doing it”

Let’s all grow together I am here to help all of you take it to another level & break those plateaus…

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