Developing The Bodybuilding Mind!!!

Training your body in the gym is definitely one of the key requirements of changing your physique. But in order to change your physique for the long haul; your state of MIND must be in SYNC with your BODY. How can the body become the strongest version of itself; when it’s host isn’t becoming stronger mentally? What keeps the fire burning when wood is not available in other words a “Support Team”…? How can one stay consistent? How can one take responsibility for their actions when no one is around to be the reminder or the messenger?

I’ll tell you how!!! 

You have to have FAITH in yourself & your ability to follow through; UNWAVERING! No matter what’s going on around you! We all have the tendency to look at life’s problems through a microscope hoping to find another reason to give up or see something coming like a distant comet! With our minds & a little imagination ;we fabricate even the most minute obstacles & make it seems impossible to overcome. Start looking at those minor set backs as opportunities to grow mentally. Take pride in yourself for not turning away from those goals you set for yourself! Negativity is just a state of mind it is not an unmovable object! Change your mind so that you can change not only your body but your LIFE!