5 Steps to a Stronger You!!! 

For some of you the closest you will ever get to a diet is drinking “Diet Coke” To another it’s not eating “Fast Food” ;while still eating processed foods at home. Only a select few know that a “Diet” isn’t really a sacrifice of enjoyable foods. It’s simply finding a substitute for more healthier ones! In essence you are what you eat my friends! So here are 5 tips to help you embrace the more healthier you…Starting Today…Well Tomorrow lol

Step 1. Start drinking 1 Gallon of water a day! Why? Because this will help assist your kidneys in filtering out toxins & impurities in your blood stream. As well as aid in digestion & absorption of nutrients. 

Step 2. Start cooking & preparing your meals at home! Why? Because this will make it easier for you to fight the urge to purchase fast food; because of lack of food! When you don’t prep your meals you’re more prone to overindulge & eat with your eyes! You will literally try to eat for now & later to save money & fight hunger! 

Step 3. Start working out at home or join a Gym that is closest to you. If it’s your 1st time working out & it feels a little overwhelming. Hire a Personal Trainer for the 1st 2 Weeks to help familiarize yourself with the various exercise equipment.

Step 4. Find yourself a gym partner! One whose working towards the same goals as you & is positive! Sometimes we all need that push to get over the hill of self doubt or lack of motivation! When someone else is there to hold you accountable ;self discipline will eventually take over. You’re unquenchable    desire to reach those goals will start to manifest itself within you; as you start seeing more & more results. 

Step 5. You have to Believe!!! 

Believe in yourself! Believe that anything is possible! Because that belief will & can carry you through many obstacles physically & mentally! The time is now to stop being your worst enemy & start being your #1 Fan!!! Focus on Team You & you will WIN every time!!! 

You’ve heard it from;

Raymond “The Iron Assassin” Walker