I am Listening!!!

If you are like me you know how it feels to stay up night after night & ponder about your future & the people in it. Friends your life is literally in your hands waiting for you to mold it into something amazing. As we all add & remove people from our life’s for whatever reasons Justifiable or Unjustifiable. Every decision you make has an end result & has the power to make you or break you. During this journey of mines I have lost so many & have gained very little support from some of my immediate family which is fine. Because you guys keep me going & hold me accountable by constantly reminding me that I motivate a lot of you through my FIGHT.  I know how it feels to sacrifice my Dreams, My Training, & my Vision in order to pay bills & play it safe in life. But at some point that little voice that’s inside of each & everyone of us

starts whispering & says… No this Can’t Be It!!!

Then one day it’s screams & says…Wake Up!!! before life puts you to sleep FOREVER!!!

Friends you have been that voice when I can’t hear!!!

I wan’t everyone to know that I am still here & if God wills it into my life; someday I will get a chance to shake everyone’s hand who has supported me & say

We did it!!!